I’m one of those people who loves being home.  Don’t get me wrong. Honk the horn and I’ll grab my leathered overnight bag I always keep packed for a road trip adventure. Meet for coffee to catch up?  I’m there.  Networking lunch? Where’s my pink blazer? Gathering the friends for a loud night of laughter and fun? Hand me the dessert menu.

But there’s just something about home, you know? 

I grew up in a house where when you hit the welcome mat you were smiling.  Because you knew that when you opened the screen door, and unlocked the bolt, and pushed the door open, and crossed the threshold you were entering a sacred place that was created so you would be loved well.

Never mind the size, it was a life-giving place where you could walk in and– no matter what kind of day you had, or what words were thrown at you at work, or whether you succeeded or failed–you were respected and cherished in this place.

A space that was created and kept to care + and encourage + and protect + and provide. You could be yourself–flaws and all. In your becoming. In your mistakes. In yoga pants.

On messy days there was grace. On hard days there were hugs (well, there were always hugs). And on Saturdays we grilled.

It was imperfect. There was a lot of laughter. A lot of forgiveness.  A lot of celebrating because my mom loved celebrating ‘just because.’  A lot of singing and dancing because….well you have to know my parents. There were a lot of brownies and Blue Bell.

Hospitality was a lifestyle. Traditions were marked with a permanent marker in the attic and brought down every season and every holiday. We had a full cabinet for party supplies.  It was a place where everyone had a seat at the table no matter who you were, your background, and your baggage.  And the truth and hope and goodness and joy of Jesus Christ was savored and shared.

I learned to see people and love people and care for people and minister to people in that home. It’s the legacy I inherited.

And now that I’m all grown up and have my own home, I’m realizing that all that takes more than sugar, butter, and a good welcome mat.  It’s more like commitment, and work, and prayer. And lots of sweet iced tea.

Someday I’ll write my theology of home–but that’s another post altogether. Back to House prayers. I stumbled upon this resource called ‘House Prayers’ after following the creator on Instagram.  Basically, she takes each room of her house and scribbles down four or five things she’s praying over for that room.

I tweaked mine for my own home and season of life.  Here’s a snapshot (it’s not my exhaustive list) of a few rooms I did–things I’m praying that my home will become:


Front Door | Entry Way 

  • Opportunities to connect with neighbors
  • …and love them well
  • be a light to the neighborhood
  • serve the community I live in well & with passion
  • people to feel welcome in this home
  • …and leave encouraged and wanting to come back


Living Room

  • the people I will invite into this home
  • being present around everyone who enters
  • the influences I let in (media, magazines, books)
  • community to grow and flourish
  • belonging and becoming together (#futurefamilygoals)


Dining Room

  • life-giving conversation around the table
  • share life with people
  • learn how to listen when others speak
  • host well (true hospitality)
  • living witness for the gospel



  • wisdom to make healthy choices
  • learn self-control and discipline (#food)
  • creativity and joy in cooking & baking
  • giving spirit to share | serve well


Master Bedroom

  • rest and energy
  • sanctuary of peace
  • slow down | resist hurry
  • faithfulness (because it starts when you’re single)


Bathroom | Closet 

  • prioritize self-care
  • freedom from negativity | lies
  • freedom from comparison with others


Office | Study 

  • protect family time
  • strong boundaries for professional & personal life
  • a strong–and biblical–legacy
  • stewarding resources well



  • protect time reading God’s word & prayer
  • creating margin in my life
  • letting myself relax | create space for others to relax
  • embrace adventure
  • mentoring | discipleship investments
  • care for people well


Whether you’re a homebody like me or not, creating spaces for those we love and invest in–and those God brings to our thresholds to bless–is a powerful legacy.  Create your own template here.

And in the meantime, I’m sitting here on my porch sipping my sweet tea and praying over your home and mine.

Come on back next week and I’ll show you a project I’m working on for the sweetest little sugars in my life–my nephew and nieces.


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